Team Management - TMCP

In order to be able to manage and coordinate the multitude of ongoing projects and geographically distributed collaborators, evo-partners GmbH operates a secure Internet portal - the evo-partners Team Management and Communications Platform ( This platform allows the group and project oriented organisation, distribution and filing of information and enables the evo-partners management and external partners to direct and coordinate a multitude of parallel tasks and projects in spite of lean management capacity.

The TMCP-system which has been developed and is provided by evo-partners GmbH  has proven its efficiency and value in a multitude of collaboration projects, especially between internationally scattered collaborators from industry and academia and especially ensures the organized management, filing and conservation of all relevant project data.

The TMCP-Portal and Hosting Services are offered to external clients on the basis of ASP (Application Service Providing) Contracts. For further information, please contact us directly under +49 8651 7678-0.




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